Where John Coltrane composed “A Love Supreme”

4 Dec

CameraAwesomePhoto-5On Saturday November 24th, my good friend Sylvain Roudier (mentioned in my NPR piece here: and I decided to head to Huntington, Long Island, to see the last house John Coltrane lived in. So we went to Huntington and got a cab at the station and drove to Dix Hills.

Coltrane’s house is modest, but convenient, and the space around it is rather vast. Sylvain and I were fantasizing about the future of the house: what kind of museum could it become? How could one restore it? We also imagined Coltrane playing and composing in it, along with Alice. We were very enthusiastic about the fact that that house was where he composed “A Love Supreme.” We felt privileged to be able to walk around the house and try to catch some of the remaining vibes of that legend. It was especially important for Sylvain to take that trip, a sort of spiritual rite of passage in and of itself, since Sylvain is a saxophone player.

Pictures will be here shortly


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