2013 APAP – Monday January 14th 2013: the arts, risk and politics

15 Jan

Today was a wonderful day at APAP where one could meet with a lot of very interesting, committed and engaged people. APAP is a way to keep the Performing Arts community strong and hopefully make it stronger as well. I attended a really cool panel on risk in the performing arts and while being told about acrobats and circus I could not help but to reflect on American society at large and how on the one hand it is totally paranoid, and on the other hand it gives people a chance and takes risks in the process. 

After attending several panels, I realized, too, that it is not entirely clear whether governments have a negative or positive impact on the arts overall. However, what is certain is that sadly, because the presence or absence of the arts does not trigger fear, it is not taken as seriously as other aspects of the American society. 


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