Luciana Souza and Romero Lubambo at the Jazz Standard, 2/13/2013

14 Feb


Brazilian music is rarely disappointing. Last night the delightful duo featuring singer Luciana Souza ( and guitar player Romero Lubambo ( performed at the Jazz Standard for a pre-Valentine’s show. Souza explained that Lumbambo and she have “been touring together since 1996.” Souza released two albums last year and they were both nominated for Grammys.

Last night the singer paid tribute to some of the most important Brazilian singers (and to Brazilian culture at large), but also to the “American songbook,” as she called it, and she decided to sing Chet Baker’s “The Thrill is gone.” Souza loves how, despite his difficult life, Chet Baker was most present in each single note he sang. Souza also sang Ray Noble’s “The Very Thought of You.”

Souza explained that singers “learn by imitation,” and that some songs are just untouchable because they are sung so beautifully. However, she still went on by singing Dindi, one of the most famous bossa nova standards, but with arrangements by Romero Lubambo. Souza explained that Lubambo would play that song backstage and convinced her to finally sing it. Dindi was written by Antonio Carlos Jobim for Brazilian singer Sylvia Telles, who died tragically (in a road accident) shortly after having recorded the song.

Souza continued with “Girl from Ipanema,” but in Portuguese.

The audience looked mesmerized by Souza and Lubambo’s performance. After the show, the artists were greeted by various friends such as Maria Schneider ( and Ryan Truesdell ( The club was thus packed with a ton of brilliant minds last night.

Thank you to April Thibeault for facilitating my work.


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