Monday March 4th, The Mingus Big Band at the Jazz Standard

5 Mar

Going out to a live performance is always an adventure. Last night at the Jazz Standard, the Mingus Big Band shared its ‘creative process’ with the audience, which was in keeping with the Mingus spirit, the Mingus workshop. As the band leader explained, the band “generally [doesn’t] rehearse,” which is “part of Mingus’s creative process. Musicians sight-read on stage and things tend to be a little bumpy (…) [but] you get to see the creative process live. (…) We can go so many different places. It’s always different.”


Mingus’s music is sophisticated, humorous, and unpretentious.

The band performed a tune called “Ysabel’s table dance” (

Frank Lacy, the lead trombone player, is one of my favorite musicians. I wish I could wake up everyday and have him sing ballads to me. He is quite irresistible when repeating “I love you,” as he did with “Baby take a chance with me” (, the ballad the band performed last night and which Mingus wrote in the 40ies. However, Lacy was a little too loud on the trombone.

Jeremy Pelt was on trumpet and Scott Robinson on tenor saxophone.


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