Hiromi at the Blue Note, Sunday April 21st 2013

25 Apr

Last week Hiromi Uehara performed at the Blue Note with the Trio Project, featuring Anthony Jackson on bass and Simon Phillips on drums.

Hiromi’s energy is most unique and her versatility most powerful. I attended her 8pm set last Sunday night. She played tunes from her last album, Voice (recorded with the trio and containing nine songs altogether), which mixes classical influences (with a Bach like playfulness at times) with the blues, and Asian colors. Hiromi explores deep emotions and is constantly telling a story. The concert seemed to be an exercise in technicality and agility altogether. As well as resilience. And her mastery or rhythm is astounding. She is inhabited by rhythm, and melodies.

At times Hiromi seems to be convoking spirits with her left hand – she is almost communicating with a soul above.

Hiromi displays the playfulness and daringness of childhood while obviously proving to be a most inspired artist. Over the last few years, each show I have attended by Hiromi has been a real adventure. She is a free and inspired performer, quite original, constantly paying tribute to the tradition (classical, jazz) while creating her own music, her own sound, her own melodies.

And last week’s show was just another testimony to Hiromi’s brilliancy.


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