Catherine Russell at Dizzy’s

26 Apr


Last night Catherine Russell performed at Dizzy’s with luminaries Matt Munisteri on guitar, Mark Shane on piano, Mark McLean on drums and Lee Hudson on bass. It was my first time seeing and hearing her, and I was impressed. The club was absolutely packed and Tom Hanks and Wynton Marsalis were attending the show. The crowd really enjoyed Russell, who got to sing two encores.

The first two tunes Russell sang were Armstrong tunes, the second being “There’s so little time and so much to do.” And Russell added “Since that’s the case, we’re gonna get to the blues right now” and she sang “Shake that thing.” Russell also sang a tune with Matt Munisteri (who by then was playing the banjo) and she sang several Ellington tunes, which was a nice reminder of the Duke Ellington festival Jazz at Lincoln Center is organizing this weekend.

Russell also sang the blues “Aged and mellow.” She really masters the blues. Her voice is perfectly fit for it and she embodies the swing area. She also mentioned most of the dates when the tunes she sang were recorded, so that her performance was not only musically enjoyable, but also instructive, which is what Jazz at Lincoln Center is all about.

No wonder Russell, who has so much character and soul, is so popular. Her voice makes you shiver.


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