Richard Galliano and Christian Howes at Dizzy’s, April 16th 2013

26 Apr


Last week at Dizzy’s, 63-year-old French accordeonist Richard Galliano performed along the likes of violonist Christian Howes, pianist Jos Nelson, bass player Scott Colley and drummer Lewis Nash. I should actually say that Christian Howes performed with Richard Galliano, but I have been in love with Richard Galliano’s music for a very long time so I could not help that introductory statement. The band celebrated the release of their latest album, Southern Exposure Christian Howes (

Richard Galliano is not only a most gifted instrumentalist technically (when one watches him play, one cannot help but think that he can do absolutely whatever he wants!), but he is also most lyrical. That he is interested in Argentine tango music only helps, too: it adds to his versatility, it characterizes his musicality and colors his music. Artentine tango music is a huge part of Galliano’s vocabulary.

The band performed several originals, such as Christian Howes’ composition “Tango Doblado,” and Galliano’s composition entitled “Spleen.” “Oblivion” was also part of the setlist, and those three titles are part of the band’s latest album.


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