The Birdland Jazz Party, with Dee Daniels

15 Jul

2013-07-14 19.38.03

Last night at Birdland, and like every Sunday night, the Birdland quartet performed with Jon Davis on piano, John Hart on guitar, Paul Gill on acoustic bass, Carmen Intorre on drums and Dee Daniels, who had not performed at the club for a long time, as a guest vocalist.

The band performed several tunes by Dee Daniels, such as ‘Midlife Crisis’ or ‘Autumn Leaves.’ Dee Daniels also quoted famed Carmen McRae by reminding her audience that ‘a night is not a night without at least a little bit of blues’ and went ahead and sang a blues song while accompanying herself on the piano. Daniels’ ability to strike very low notes was coupled with her impressively high notes.

After her blues, she continued with one of her compositions, entitled ‘Choose me.’ ‘Choose me’ told about her desire to ‘be chosen’ by someone as she was by herself in a hotel room in Germany, without being able to understand any of the TV programs. Maybe that is Germany’s way of inspiring foreigners to write love songs?

Dee Daniels did not sing all the songs, which allowed the quartet to also play a wonderful interpretation of ‘Monk’s Dream,’ for which Jon Davis played a delightful solo.

As Carmen Intorre explained after the show, as a jazz musician, “you have to surrender yourself to the music so that there are no distractions in order for the most optimal music to take place.” Last night, the audience certainly surrendered to Dee Daniels’ wonderful raspy voice, echoed by some amazing solos by pianist Jon Davis and guitar player John Hart.


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