Mission/ Who we are

Who we are:

Emilie Pons is a New York based independent journalist. She is a regular contributor to France USA Media (Los Angeles), Jazzgram (Chicago), Radio Horizonte (Mexico City) and her work has appeared on A Blog Supreme (NPR), Jazztimes.com and Downbeat.com. She has also written for AFP and allaboutjazz.com.


Alain Drouot is a journalist based in the Chicago area. A member of the Jazz Journalists Association, he is a regular contributor to Downbeat and JazzColours and hosts a weekly radio program on WNUR-FM (www.wnur.org). He was the editor of JazzGram, the newsletter of the Jazz Institute of Chicago, from 2006 to 2013. His work has appeared in Cadence, SignalToNoise, Jazz Magazine, Clavier, and www.jazzhouse.org.
alain blog island

What we are doing:

This blog is a modest attempt at increasing our reporting on the jazz scene, primarily in New York City, but also in other US cities and in other countries. Blog Island gives us the opportunity to share some thoughts on and reactions to some of the music we cannot report on as easily via other outlets. If you share your comments with us, we can hopefully contribute to the overall conversation on and around the music for the benefit of all! Stay tuned.


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